Earning From Affiliates

Written by Team Rated
Updated 2 years ago

I don’t own the product I want to talk about does that matter?
Nope. We have a catalogue of thousands of products with images and links to the retailers already set up in-app. 

What do I do if I can’t find the link to the product I want to talk about in my video?
At the top on the ‘Search Product’ tab when choosing the product(s) for your video there will be a box for you to paste a link in. We will add the product to our system and notify you within 48 hours.

Please note that we can only upload products from brands that have affiliate programmes. If a brand doesn’t offer affiliate commission then you won’t earn, and we don't want that.

How does affiliate commission actually work?
Our system tracks all the clicks to retailers from your username. Every time a user buys a product through your link you’ll earn a % of that sale (commission varies depending on the retailer but the average is around 10%). Even if the user doesn’t buy the exact product you’ve recommended but buys something else through that link you’ll earn. 

How do I keep track of my earnings?
Head to the ‘Analytics’ tab on your profile to check your earnings and click throughs per video. Go to retailer and specific product clicks will appear in real-time, whereas actual sale clicks and your earnings will appear every week. 

How do I get paid?
To get paid you will need to head to the ‘Balance’ tab on your profile and tap withdraw. 

If you’ve sold products from your own store you will be able to withdraw your money immediately.

If you’ve sold a retailer's product and earned affiliate commission you will be paid every month but with a 30-90 delay (i.e if someone bought an item using your affiliate link you will be paid for that item within 30-90 days). The retailers are waiting for returns, and only when the return period is over do you earn your commission. If an item is returned you won’t earn.

Once you’ve tapped withdraw, if you’re set up with PayPal, payment will be made into your account straight away. If you’ve chosen to be paid directly with your bank then payment will be made into your account within 3-5 working days - depending on your bank. 

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