Going Live

Written by Team Rated
Updated 2 years ago

What do I need to go live?
Whether you’re standing on top of a mountain in Nepal or just chilling in your bedroom all you need is an iOS device and a product to talk about.

How do I go live?

  1. Create an account and once you’re logged in tap the big plus.
  2. Upload the products you want to talk about and add a short description about your video. Don’t forget to add some tags that are relevant to your video so you can get discovered.
  3. Set a time for when you want to go live.
  4. Go live and start selling/earning.

Can I go live instantly?
Yes, you can go live straight away or schedule a video for any future time or date you like. 

How long should I go live for?
You can go live for up to 30 minutes but we recommend between 5-20 minutes.

Can I upload pre-recorded videos?
Yes, if you have pre-edited videos you can upload them. Just make sure you swipe the on demand button and are always using royalty free music.

Can I upload TikTok videos?
Yes you can.

Can I use music on my videos?
Yes, but make sure you’re using royalty free music.

Is there a limit on how many products I can sell at once?
You can upload up to 6 products at one time.

How do I see my video stats?
Soon you’ll be able to check your video stats and sales at any time by going to your profile and clicking the ‘Analytics’ tab. There you will be able to see how many views your videos have and which of your products your followers clicked on the most.

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