Selling From Your Own Store

Written by Team Rated
Updated 2 years ago

How do I set up my storefront? 

  1. Create an account and set your username to your store name.
  2. Write a little bio about your store and the type of products you will be selling.
  3. Choose your preferred payment method.
  4. Upload images of your products and write a caption about your video. Don’t forget to add some tags that are relevant to your video so you can be discovered.
  5. Go live (or upload a pre-recorded video) and showcase your products.

How do I get paid?
If you’re set up with PayPal payment will be made into your account straight away. 

If your payments are set up directly with your bank details then head to the ‘Balance’ tab on your profile and tap withdraw. Payment will then be made into your account within 3-5 working days - depending on your bank.

How does shipping work?
You have full control over the pricing of shipping when selling your own products as the customer is the one who pays. Take into consideration the size and weight of the item and how far it has to be shipped. As the seller you also have to take care of the packaging and posting yourself. 

Once you’ve shipped the product we recommend keeping proof of tracked postage. 

It is the sole responsibility of the Curator to fulfil orders and by selling on Rated you agree that we don’t take liability if orders and/or payments are not honoured. 

How much do you charge to list an item?
We don’t charge to list an item. However, when you sell an item you will have to pay the 6% Rated fee + PayPal or Stripe transactional fees. Check PayPal and Stripe for a full breakdown on their fees.

Can I edit the price of an item once it is live?
Yes, head to your profile and tap the ‘Edit’ button on the product you want to change. You can change the price, description and quantity. You can even delete a product from being listed on your page.

Do customers receive an order confirmation?
Yes, once a user buys one of your products they will receive an automated email from us with their order number.

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